MS5 Pannerama

MS5 Pannerama Control Panel Layout

The MS5 Pannerama is an all analog signal generator and modifier. The MS5 can be used for a variety of applications. It provides high-quality stereo panning, at both subsonic and audio frequencies. It also provides flexible ring modulation for metallic and inharmonic sounds. The MS5 can be used for tremolo at low frequencies when using a single output channel. It can also provide subsonic and audio frequency modulation to analog synthesizer modulation inputs. These capabilities can be used simultaneously, in many combinations.

MS5 Pannerama Demonstration Video


Input - a preamplifier to set the gain of instrument signals.

VCO - a versatile Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) with four frequency
ranges and four waveforms.

Ring Modulator - a four-quadrant multiplier providing sum and difference
frequencies from the carrier and program source.

Stereo Panner - a pair of four-quadrant multipliers with opposite polarities
providing amplitude modulation.


Input - sets instrument signal level.

Range - selects between two subsonic frequency and two audio frequency ranges.

Waveform - selects between Sine, Triangle, Square, and Saw waves.

CV in/Freq - sets the VCO frequency or fine tuning when using an external CV or expression pedal.

RM Mod - sets external ring modulator modulation level.

Ring Level - sets ring modulation level to output mix.

Pan Mod - sets external panning modulation level.

Pan level - sets panning level to output mix.

Inputs and Outputs

Input - variable, nominally line level.

CV - in 0-12V, out 12V. Accepts CV input or sends and returns CV through an expression pedal.

Pan Mod In - up to 10V. Bypasses internal VCO.

RM Mod In - up to 10V. Bypasses internal VCO.

Left Out - line level.

Right Out - line level.

VCO Out - 10Vpp.

Ring Mod Out - 5Vpp.

Packaging Options

The MS5 comes in two packaging options:

Desk-top (MS5-D)

Synth-top (MS5-S)

Both options are functionally equivalent.

Detailed Information

For detailed information, download the user manual.

MS5 Pannerama User Manual