Analog Synthesizer Modules and Semi-modular Expanders

Why Monde Synthesizer? 

Our mission is to provide superior analog synthesizer products and eurorack modules that enhance vintage electronic music studios and integrate with modern digital audio systems. Monde Synthesizer is a synergy of precision electrical engineering, ergonomic and artistic design, and musical sensibility. 

Our products provide:

- Analog signal paths coupled with microcontroller driven user interfaces
- Convenient, carefully thought-out normalization features 
- Skiff friendliness using SMD technology
- Clear power supply marking and protection circuitry
- Unique, elegant control panel design 

Who is Monde? 

Our design team brings 40+ years in electrical engineering, product and graphic design, and a comprehensive knowledge of vintage synthesizers as well as guitars. Monde and Synthesizer are French and English words respectively reflecting our Canadian identity. Monde is an anagram of the surname of our founder. Monde means "World" in French. As such, Monde Synthesizer provides innovative products to the World of Electronic Music.

Proudly designed and built in Ottawa Canada, the birthplace of the voltage-controlled synthesizer.